Let's start. with number one question: is Buzzkill ACTUAL, real wine?

The answer is yes! We start with a full-alcohol Sauvignon Blanc, made from California grapes hand-selected by our in-house winemaker, Evyn.

Next, the wine is gently heated to separate the alcohol from the wine body. We're left with wine, sans the alcohol.

Finally, our team adds a few ingredients to mimic everything we love about full-alcohol wine: mouthfeel, aromas, etc. We're left with a "de-alced" wine that tastes just like a full-alcohol Sauvignon Blanc.

Buzzkill is an alcohol-removed still wine (we're not into bubbles!) with classic Sauvignon Blanc aromatics of lemongrass, tropical notes of passionfruit, and citrus undertones. Expect a wine that’s juicy on the palette with vibrant acidity and thirst-quenching properties.

One can of Buzzkill is equivalent to one glass of wine, and contains 70 calories. To compare, a typical glass of full-alcohol Sauvignon Blanc contains around 120 calories.

The short answer: yes, Buzzkill is safe to drink while pregnant. That being said, we always advise consulting your doctor before making decisions about your health and diet.

Buzzkill contains a very, very low amount of alcohol -- less than .05%. To put this amount into perspective, Buzzkill contains less alcohol than kombucha.