What makes Buzzkill Wines different from other non-alcoholic wines?

Where to begin?! We consider ourselves in a league of our own, truly.

A short list of reasons why:

  • Unlike other NA wine brands, all our wine comes from one vineyard, which has been farmed by one family in Lodi since the 1870's. We are proud to know exactly where our wine comes from - no bulk-buying from mystery sources.
  • Our wine is low-calorie, low-sugar, vegan, and gluten-free.
  • Buzzkill Wines is women-owned.
  • Our wine truly does taste the best -- our countless awards are proof! 

Why does Buzzkill come in a can vs. a bottle? 

We've gone the can route for a few reasons. 

The number one reason is to give you the best NA wine drinking experience possible. NA wine does not "keep" as long as wine containing alcohol. If you open a bottle of NA wine, you have to drink it within 24 hours, max. Cans offer a single-serving option, so you're always drinking something fresh. 

Next, the packaging is lightweight, portable, and easy to chill -- perfect for picnics, concerts, or just tossing in your bag. Cans are also more eco-friendly – they're recyclable and have a smaller carbon footprint than glass bottles. 

How many calories are in Buzzkill Wines?

Our wines all contain between 40 and 45 calories per can, and between 1 and 5 grams of sugar per can. One can of Buzzkill equals 1.5 glasses of wine. 

How can I buy Buzzkill Wines?

The easiest way to purchase Buzzkill is on our website using the "Shop" tab, or on Amazon. Search "Buzzkill Wines" and take advantage of that next-day Prime shipping! 

We are constantly updating our store locator. It includes retail shops, grocery stores, restaurants, and bars where Buzzkill is sold. 

Where do you ship?

Currently, Buzzkill Wines only ships within the US. But don't worry, we're plotting world domination, one grape at a time. Follow us on Instagram for updates! 

I placed an order on the website. Where's my tracking number?

Once you order, we'll send you an email with a tracking number. If you don't receive a tracking number, please reach out to us at hello@buzzkillwines.com. 

Can I drink Buzzkill while pregnant?

Buzzkill is absolutely safe for pregnant people, but you should always consult your doctor if in doubt.  

Is Buzzkill Wines non-alcoholic? What does <.5% ABV mean?

The FDA classifies a product as "non-alcoholic" if the alcohol content is "less than .5%." This means that the alcohol by volume content in our wines is so minimal, it's considered "non-alcoholic" -- the same as a kombucha.