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Words of Wisdom from Buzzkill Wines Connoisseurs

“Buzzkill Cab changed my life. It really gave the illusion of sophistication without the risk of destroying my body and relationships!”


“Look, I'm not saying alcohol is bad; I just got sick of drunk texting my ex-girlfriend from 2012. I think I might be blocked by now. Thank God for Buzzkill!”

Beau Joolay

“I stopped drinking because it was interfering with my plans to become an Olympic athlete. I'm still not an Olympic athlete, but Buzzkill has definitely brought me closer to my dreams.”

Corky Shiraz

“Buzzkill Sauv Blanc is great. I can fit in with all the other wine moms at soccer practice without actually hating my husband.”

Demi Seck

“I love drinking Buzzkill at work happy hours. One less HR violation to worry about!”


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